The Vortex is a director duo comprised of Emiliano Granado and Austin M Kearns. Emiliano is also a commercial photographer, and Austin has directed several music videos and will DOP your project if you ask nicely.

Emiliano was born in Argentina. He likes sunglasses and tacos and chiaroscuro. Austin is an eighth-level film paladin with infinity hit points and a super cute constitution. He was also born. Together they’re in a super successful if not remarkable partnership called The Vortex. Like all vortices before them, what happens in there is akin to magic. In the future, possibly the past, we may have science words to describe why and how their combined effort is so cinematically delicious. For now though it’s probably easiest to think of them as the Smoothie Of Your Dreams™. On demand. With an umbrella on top.

There are no limits inside The Vortex.

Brooklyn, NY

[email protected]

Photograph by Erik Tanner.

LOWD Cannabis
Goldsport – Headstrong
Reebok Trail FW19
Under Armour Running
Lost Coast Trail
Paterson FW20
Quesofrito x Sky